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Estate planning is preparing an individual’s affairs and property for life’s events, in particularly those where you are unable to act for yourself. This includes, but is not limited to, wills.

Estate Planning Lawyers
Estate Planning

James Stokes, Legal Practitioner Director
James Stokes
Legal Practitioner Director

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Heather McKenzie

  • Wills;
  • Estate Planning;
  • Superannuation;
  • Testamentary Trusts;
  • Special Disability Trusts.

esourcelegal are experienced estate planning lawyers.

In the last 10 years estate planning has changed. These changes have included:

  • Higher levels of divorce and relationship breakdown and a correlating increase in second marriages and ‘blended’ families, which has pronounced and particular estate planning issues.
  • The increasing importance of superannuation, forming Australia’s second largest store of wealth, the common use of self-managed superannuation funds and broadening abilities to provide for superannuation distributions on death.
  • Wider acceptance and utilisation of testamentary trusts as an effective tool to protect bequests, tax plan and achieve particular estate planning objectives.
  • New structures for philanthropic giving and providing for disabled children through Special Disability Trusts with associated government concessions.
  • Increasing dynastic and family wealth in Australia.

We are estate planning specialists, with the greater part of our client work concerning estate planning considerations. Our lawyers have been involved in some of the largest and smallest estates in Queensland and a wide range of circumstances in between. We are the pre-eminent estate planning lawyers in the Logan area and have assisted clients with wills, enduring powers of attorney and business succession planning for clients around Australia.

With our office located on the Pacific Highway at Springwood and our use of technology to facilitate meetings, clients and their professional advisers no longer need to go to town to obtain high-level, cost-effective estate planning solutions.

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estate planning services in detail:

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The importance of having a valid, binding and up-to-date will is widely accepted.

The reasons include ensuring that one’s wishes are carried out and appointing the desired choice of executors of the estate and or the of underage children. Nevertheless, despite the accepted wisdom, the documents are commonly procrastinated or out-of-date.

In today’s society, wills may be increasingly complicated as are the families and issues relevant to their estates. Divorce and ‘blended’ families are increasingly common and give rise to particular considerations to ensure expected outcomes are achieved. Superannuation, the rapidly rising second largest asset type in the Australian economy, gives rise to its other issues that affect most willmakers.

We are experienced in advising individuals, couples and families on their wills and drafting documents that reflect their needs and objectives. We understand the intricacies of succession law and will drafting and uncomplicated the process while guiding clients through the drafting of their wills.

We cater for and have the ability to resolve the estate planning needs of everyone, from the wealthiest complicated estate, to estates involving business owners, retirees, couples and individuals.

Uniquely, even among larger law firms, we have cultivated a network of estate planning lawyers from jurisdictions including the United Kingdom, the United States, Hong Kong and Singapore to allow us to facilitate effective and economical will drafting and advice where required due to asset ownership or estate taxes in those jurisdictions. In many instances, our experience in dealing with overseas assets will allow us to provide outcomes without formal engagement of these overseas contacts.

Our lawyers are highly regarded estate planning lawyers who receive referrals from advisers and other lawyers around Queensland and Australia.


estate planning

As specialist estate planning lawyers we can assist you to deal with estate planning issues that may arise in relation to your estate and those that may afflict the beneficiaries of your estate.

In Queensland issues may arise with an estate for a number of reasons. The cause of action that concerns most people is the possibility of a Family Provision Application or Testators Family Maintenance claim as it is known in other states of Australia.

Where a risk exists, there is often little that can be done after death, other than defend the claim or agree to a settlement. Prepared and well-advised willmakers may benefit from a number of possible actions to protect their wishes and assist the defence against contrary claims.

We can advise on these risks and assist clients to put in place options to effectively implement their estate planning wishes.

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